Utopia or Bust (al_aaraaf) wrote in exoriente,
Utopia or Bust

maronite hymn

question: I'm listening to a hymn called Inna-l-Malak (sung with stunning beauty by Azam Ali) - I found a performance of it (also superlatively beautiful) by Sister Marie Keyrouz of the National Institute of Sacred Music in Paris, and she lists what I'm pretty sure is the same hymn as "Inna-l-Malak" 9e Ode du Canon de l'Office du Dimanche de Pâques - 9th Ode of the Pachal Office, I'm guessing. in the Maronite church is this the same as the 9th Ode "Shine, Shine Oh New Jerusalem"? (its one of my favorites so if it were it'd make me very happy), and if it's not, where could I find an english translation?

also, does anyone know of a saint whose intercession is particularly recommended for overcoming despair? seems like the sort of thing *all of them* would be good at, but I have a friend who is dealing with a particularly nasty sort of depression and I'd like to see if I could find an Icon for her that would be an encouragement. she appreciates christian iconography but is not one herself, though as something of a cultural catholic I think she'd still appreciate and respect an icon.
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