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I would like to introduce a book
Here it is:
You can ,and I think most of you might want to,
purchase it by clicking on this url and following
the simple directions as at amazon.
the cost is $8.50 per copy.


You can read my general description of the book at:

What I would like to add here is the thought that it
seems to me that in a remarkable harmony of quite various
writers, the authors of these essays have brought something
new to the understanding of and speaking of Theosis
"Becoming-as-Divine" in author John Chico Martin's expression,
and also really something new to the way of doing theology.
Besides eight essays, the book includes two poems, and
Chico Martin's essay could also be considered a poem
cycle/prose poem, but all of them have a directness and
openness and clarity which make what might seem the
most obscure of subjects ,a subject which is vivid and
vital and immediate.
I ask your consideration of the book and after you have
read it ,I will be in particular interested in your
response to it. Yours
+Seraphim Joseph Sigrist
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