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hi there, I have two recordings of a spectacularly beautiful peace of sacred music, Maronite chant I think, and I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find a translation and/or a transcription in latin script. I initially encountered it on Azam Ali's "Portals of Grace", where she just titles it "Inna-I-Malak (Byzantine, Arabic)", and then later I found Sœur Marie Keyrouz preforming it, titled ""Inna-l-Malak..." 9e Ode du Canon de l'Office du Dimanche de Pâques (arabe)" - I'm assuming it's the 9th paschal ode, but I'm not sure in which liturgy (are they all the same?) and even when I google it I'm not readily finding the words, and I wouldn't know enough to recognize them anyway. does anyone recognize this, or know where I could find it?
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